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This is a real life story about a brave family that scarficed their lives for the Khalsa Panth: Bhai Mohar Singh of the Damdami Taksal and his wife Bibi Pritam Kaur and their daughters 8 year old Satnam Kaur, 6 year old Vaheguru Kaur. They sacrificed their lives defending Sri Harmandir Sahib in June 1984. Bhai Sahib’s was no ordinary family they had converted into Sikhi and were regarded as Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale’s closest aides. When the army attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib they held their positions until the tanks came into the parakarma (walk way around Sri Harmandir Sahib).


…Bibi Pritam Kaur and her two younger children helped the defence by refilling the ammunition for the the civilian defenders, and brought in food and water for the civilian defenders…

On the 6th of June, Bhai Mohar Singh recited his final Ardass to Guru Ji. It has been said, Bhai Mohar Singh, Bibi Pritam Kaur, and their two young children fell onto the army tank near where Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji fell.

…Bhai Mohar Singh and his whole family stopped the tank in its tracks and joined the long list of martyrs of 1984…

After the attack, oppression was leashed on to villagers by state officals, as a result, Bhai Mohar Singh’s family became a target of the army. Bhai Mohar Singhs nephews Bhai Bakshish Singh ‘Kalyug’ and Bhai Parmjit Singh ‘Pama’ decided to participate in the freedom struggle that took place post Operation Bluestar. They too took amrit, and as their Uncle, Bhai Mohar Singh, they as well joined the the long list of martyrs.

Khalsa Ji, today, we bow our heads to this great family who scarficed their lives for our Khalsa Panth. Dhan Dhan Guru Ke Sikh. Bhai Mohar Singh, Bibi Pritam Kaur, Bhenji Satnam Kaur, and Bhenji Vaheguru Kaur will be honoured for their mutual acts of bravery, in essence, for saving the Khalsa Panth. They will be remembered in our ardass eternally.